Pulsar - 139

Pulsar continues Raf Simons’s exploration of bouclé – a soft nubbly textile associated with high fashion tailoring – marrying it with the stripe theme to create a pulsing pattern of speckled colour on a single coloured base. Close-to, the pattern reveals the soft, irregularly shaped loops created by the twisted yarns in the bouclé. From further back, a hazy striped pattern emerges in 3cm bands, formed by the greater and lesser intensity of the loops.

The Pulsar colourways range from vibrant combinations such as cobalt blue or lemon yellow blends on a red ground, to more closely associated colours, including soft grey or pine green bouclés in a graphite weave. The lighter colourways may include foreign fibers.

90 % new wool, 8 % nylon, 2 % polyester
143 cm wide (app. 56 inches)
11 colourways
Reapeat 6 cm (app. 2.4 inches)
The stripes of Pulsar run from selvedge to selvedge